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Find Projection Tv & Projector Repair Information? If YES, Then You're Come to the Right Place!


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Dear Electronic Repairer,

If you want to find or search for the Projection Television repair information such as LCD, DLP, CRT base or even the LCOS type, you’ve come to the right place. Nowadays, you can easily find some repair tips and service manual on the internet, but are these tips is the one that you are looking for? If not then I suggest you to join our Projection Television Repair membership site so that you can get the relevant repair information to solve your Projection Television problems.

There are people who said “Why should I want to repair the Projection Television when I can get a new unit of either the LCD Television or Plasma Television which is much cheaper?” Do you know that there is a great satisfaction when watching movie with the Projection Television compare to LCD TV and Plasma TV? Besides, getting a new TV means you have to spend more. Why Not repair it and save the cost?

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For your information, there are lots of over warranty Projection TV that need to be repaired nowadays. Why not grab this opportunity to learn Projection TV repair from this website before your competitors does? Well, repairing projection television is not that really difficult if you have the right information to assist you. The information that I’m talking about is Projection TV Training Manuals, Schematic Diagrams, Service Manuals, Service Bulletins, Projection TV Firmware, Understanding SMD Components Codes, MCU/EEPROM file and many more. All these information could cut short your repairing time and time is money.

Introducing the Projection Tv Repair.........

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What is the Projection TV repair information that we cover in the membership website? We cover a lot of repairing information for each type Projection TV for example Projection TV CRT type, LCD type, DLP type and some of the LCOS type too. And the information included in the membership website are:

 ptv service manualOver 400 ++ Different Brands Of PTV (Projection TV) Troubleshooting and Repairing Information. Including Training Manuals, Service Manuals, Schematic Diagrams, Service Bulletins, Lamp Assembly Information, PTV Firmware and their program (use to upload the firmware into the PTV), and many more!

projection tv service guide disassembleYou will get information on how to disassemble Projection TV’s, how to replace the lamp, lamp assembly, color wheel and others section too.

 crt projection tvYou will learn how to login into the Projection TV Service Menu through your remote control or front panel. This tip can help you to troubleshoot and repair minor problems in some of the PTV's.

 dlp projection tvEasily guide you on how to upload the latest firmware into the PTV's. Learn these secrets before your competitor does!

 lcd projection tv repairYou will be exposed to a list of LCD TV spare parts suppliers and you can compare the prices for maximum profit!

projection tv repair tips faults tips  The Projection TV Repair Tips and Fault Tips! This will help you to repair the PTV faster and you can earn more profits!

 projection tv spare partsPlease don't forget, we will continue to upload the repair info on the members area and So Much More!

All these information are worth OVER $$$.$$! 


"Remember, once you have become the member of Projection TV Repair membership website, you can download all of the information mentioned above and save it into your computer, and then you can print the information and bind it as a book for reference purposes!"


Start to Repair Projection Tv Now! Why Wait?

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Now obviously you came here to learn how to troubleshoot Projection TV and others electronic related repair tips, and as you have just read, I have the Best Projection Television Repair information around. So it's time for you to actually TAKE ACTION for once, JOIN AS A MEMBER NOW. Please don’t waste any more time. Start to repair the Projection Television Now!


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If you have ever truly wanted to take your Projection TV repair skills to the next level, especially from home, there is really no better time (or opportunity) than right now to start becoming the impressive Projection TV repairer you've always dreamed you'd be. I cannot urge you enough to just join Projection-TV-Repair.com membership site and you will be surprised how little work and effort is actually involved for you to become a successful Projection TV repairer! The Projection TV Repair membership site is providing information that will comprehensively guide you everything you need to know about Projection Television Repair!


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Now get this. Because it’s important that this information is read by those of you that really need it, I have decided NOT to charge you $500 or more. This downloadable info-product contains in the membership site is packed with information of pure gold! All of the tips, technique and secrets repair are revealed in the training manuals, service manuals, schematic diagrams, repair tips and closely guarded articles.

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projection tv repair info So how exactly are this package of high-quality Projection TV Repair information made available to members?
This package of Projection TV repair information becomes available to members when you join the membership. That's mean you can download all the repair information the moment you join as a member. With these fantastic information: Training Manuals, Service Manuals, Schematic Diagrams, Service Bulletin, Repair Tips, Projection TV Firmware and their programs (used for upload the firmware into the Projection TV), i'm sure your projection television repair knowledge will shoot to the roof!


ptv repair tips What kind of “Projection TV Repair” information can you expect to find here ?
Only the best and the latest! - Projection-Tv-Repair.com can help you “stand-out” from your competitors’ who are still using those old information in troubleshooting Projection TV! Get the latest Projection TV repair training manuals and related repair information RIGHT NOW!


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Do i need to pay every month for the latest PROJECTION TV repair information that i'm going to get every month of the year?
No, you only pay once and enjoy the benefit as a member to download the monthly latest Projection TV repair information that you are going to receive every month of the year.



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To Your Great Repair Success!!

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