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McCain: I’ll veto Supreme Court nominee ‘without hesitation’

John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Monday said that he will oppose Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to fill the seat of the late Justice Antonin Scalia on the court, saying the current president was “making a mistake” by choosing a nominee with a record of hostility toward women.

The Senate is set to begin debate Tuesday on Gorsuch’s confirmation as Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Antonins Scalia, a Republican who died on Jan. 20.

“I think we should vote against Neil Gorsuch, who I think is a racist, who is a misogynist, who says the worst things about women,” McCain told ABC News’ “This Week” Sunday.

“If we’re going to vote against that nomination, I’m going to say, ‘No, we’ll take that pick.'”

The Arizona Republican has repeatedly clashed with President Donald Trump over his handling of the death of Justice Antonino Scalia, who died of a heart attack while delivering a speech in Washington in June 2016.

Trump had argued that Scalia’s death was an accident.

“Justice Scalia, as he was dying, was assassinated in the most tragic way imaginable,” Trump said during the Republican National Convention in July.

“The country is not safe,” he said in the speech.

“He would have been 93 years old if he had lived to be 88.”

Trump has been widely criticized for not taking any of the Senate’s more moderate members to task for their criticism of his controversial comments.

Trump has also been accused of using his Supreme Court nomination to undermine efforts to pass legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

“He is trying to dismantle the Affordable Health Care Act,” McCain said of Gorsuch.

“And what is his agenda?

His agenda is to make it more expensive for people to get health care.

And he wants to do away with the law.”

Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate to the federal bench in 1986 by a vote of 98-0.