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Trump’s proposed budget cuts $1.5B for FEMA and Coast Guard

President Donald Trump’s budget proposal calls for $1 billion in cuts to the National Flood Insurance Program, according to a letter from the White House obtained by National Review.

The cut would cut $1,600 from the NIFP for the 2017 fiscal year, according the letter from National Disaster Recovery Administrator Matthew Clark.

The NIF, which provides insurance for flood and storm damage, has a long history of cuts.

In fact, the program has only ever experienced $1 million in cuts in each of the four years since the program was established. 

The letter also called for the elimination of $500 million in grants for the Coast Guard.

That’s because of “continuing funding challenges,” Clark wrote.

“To ensure the Coast Guards mission is supported through the 2020 fiscal year,” he added, “we will request a funding increase of $100 million.” 

Trump has called the NIP program the largest in the nation and a critical lifeline for many American families. 

In a letter to congressional leaders last month, the president said that the $1bn cut would affect the Coast and Maritime Guard, as well as the National Guard, the Air National Guard and the Coastguard Reserve. 

Clark’s letter came on the heels of a report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that estimated the NSP could lose about $800 million.

The $1billion cut is the largest among the programs that provide flood and weather coverage for the National Capital Region, the report said.

The program’s biggest funding gap comes from the Coast, with its $1 and $500m grants, according CBO. 

While the Nif and Coast have faced deep budget cuts, the Coast has continued to receive a significant increase in federal funding.

In fiscal year 2016, the agency received a $6.4 billion increase in funding, while the Nip received $1 Billion, the first increase in two years. 

“The $1B cut would be a significant reduction in the NFP’s funding base, which will further impact our ability to provide assistance to our communities and help meet the demands of natural disasters,” Clark said in the letter. 

At the same time, Trump has repeatedly said that he wants to see more funding from Congress for disaster relief.