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A new Sony Xperia X5 is here, the best phone of 2016

The Sony Xperia T4 Ultra has just been released and it’s a pretty good phone.

Its not a super-flagship handset, but it’s still the best Android phone for the price, especially if you’re looking for a premium phone.

The camera is decent, the screen is pretty good, the fingerprint sensor is solid, the processor is fast, and the display is crisp and beautiful.

It’s all great, and while it’s not a flagship, it’s definitely worth a look for those looking for the best mobile phone for their money.

But it’s worth noting that it’s only available in Australia, which isn’t exactly the most enticing proposition.

The Sony X5 and X5 Plus are the same price, but only for those who want to spend more.

And if you want a cheaper phone that’s got a better camera and a faster processor, look elsewhere.

The Xperia X4 Ultra is a really nice phone, but not the best of the lot, even if it’s got the best camera.

The X5 Premium is a bit of a letdown, and it might be too pricey for some.

Sony is going to release its flagship Xperia phone in India in November, but the X5’s release is currently not on offer in Australia.

So it might just be that the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium won’t be available for a while, but you might still be able to pick it up.

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