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How a single sentence can send you into debt

The term “sentence” is used in the legal profession to describe the process by which a judge or prosecutor makes a decision.

The word has been around for centuries, but the current generation of lawyers and judges is using it to describe a series of legal procedures, which involves the application of principles to a case.

But in the world of online banking, the term has also been used to describe several types of mistakes.

A mistake is a legal word that is either incorrect or misleading.

It’s important to remember that a mistake is not necessarily a legal offence.

In court, mistakes are usually defined by a judge as a mistake that is “unjust or deceptive”.

The most common mistakes that lawyers make in the law profession are not legal offences but are mistakes that can be made by the person making them.

The common mistake that lawyers often make is misusing words, such as “wrong”, “misleading” or “misrepresent”.

But a mistake can also be a legal one.

It is an error that can’t be corrected by the legal system.

A mistake is “a mistake that has an effect on a proceeding”.

If the lawyer’s mistake has an impact on the proceeding, the lawyer may be held criminally liable for the mistake.

But there are ways that mistakes can be corrected.

Mistakes can be avoided by having a clear, clear understanding of what constitutes a legal matter, and a clear understanding about the legal principles involved.

The term “mistake” can also apply to an act of negligence, such that a legal mistake can be found by a court, if the error was caused by negligence or the lawyer made an erroneous statement.

There are some mistakes that may be more difficult to correct, such in how a lawyer should handle an argument.

This includes what a lawyer needs to know to give effective advice.

Lawyers also make mistakes because they fail to recognise what a legal claim is, and the way in which a claim is dealt with.

Mistakes that occur in the context of litigation can have a significant impact on a lawyer’s reputation.

Some mistakes may be avoided if the lawyer learns from his mistakes, or if the person or organisation that caused the mistake is changed.

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