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More details about the $500 million water spill in Australia

More details on the massive water spill on the Great Barrier Reef that’s forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate the country are emerging as the Government prepares for a meeting of the national emergency committee to determine whether a “significant” spill has been prevented.

Key points:The emergency committee is expected to meet later this week and the decision will be taken by the Government on whether a major spill has occurred in AustraliaA spokeswoman for the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection said the Government was working closely with emergency officials and would continue to do so until the meeting.

She said the Department had received an estimated $500m worth of water from the state’s rivers and streams and had been working with emergency management officials to assess the water’s impact.

“Our first priority is to minimise the damage to our environment, our health and the lives of our people,” the spokeswoman said.

“But there are no guarantees that the damage will not cause further harm to the environment or to our people.”

We will continue to work with our emergency response partners to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“Water from the Great Lakes was transported to a Queensland dam to be pumped into the Murray-Darling Basin, where the Great Australian Barrier Reef is located.

More than 40,000 people are already being evacuated from the Australian Capital Territory, while more than 11,000 are being sheltered in hotels, while others are staying in hotels for their safety.

In the wake of the incident, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the Government would provide emergency assistance to affected communities in the Queensland coastal town of Cairns and the northern NSW town of Lismore.

Mr Turnbull said the water was being pumped into Queensland’s Riversleigh and Lismores rivers to “prevent the creation of a substantial threat to our national ecosystem”.

He said the project was expected to reduce sediment and nutrients in the rivers and improve the water quality.

He said if the project could not be completed, the project would be shut down and people could be relocated to safer areas.”

This project is expected, I think, to reduce the amount of sediment that would be created by the project,” he said.

Mr Trump said he was also “deeply concerned” about the effects of the massive spill, which has prompted a national lockdown of the entire country.”

I’m deeply concerned about the impact this will have on our people, our economy and the safety of our communities,” Mr Trump said in a statement on Tuesday.”

As President I take very seriously the threats we face from terrorist attacks and natural disasters, and the impact of climate change on our planet and the health of our citizens.

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