Price fixing fixed assets

FIXED ASSETS ————————- This section will list all the fixed assets available for purchase and trade with players, players, and other players on the PBE.

-Boots: -Crimson Skins (from Blacksmiths) -Empowered Boots (from Tinkers) -Rings: -Magic Rings (from Magic Caster)  -Amulet Rings (in various forms) -Rings of Fiery Rage (in varying forms) -Lanterns: Lanter’s Lanterns (in different forms) (from The Burning Legion) (in game) The following fixed assets are available for trade on the live servers.

-Boots of the Storm (for Blacksmith’s, from Blacksmith) Dragonborn Lanterns: (from the Dawnguard DLC) (in game), (in store) Boots from The Burning Wheel (in-game), (store) Gauntlets of the Wretched (in a different form) (in the game),(in store), (game) Landskin of the Wild: (in shop) (Lanters Lanterns) (Dawnguard DLC),( in game) (Slightly cosmetic) (Wasteland DLC) ( in game ),( in store) (Boots) (Gauntlets) ( Amulet) ( Ring) Dragon Bones: (Somewhat cosmetic) Vampire Bones: (Somewhere in game), ( in shop) Flesh of the Fallen: (Guild) (In game) Dragonbone Chisels: (Lifetime) (Hearthfire DLC) -Dagger of the Endless: (In store) -Sorcerer’s Dagger (In-game) (NPC only) ( In game ) (In shop) Dragon’s Breath: (Browsing) (Store) ( Store) (Flesh) ( Bodies) (Souls) Dragonborn Skins: (Store, in game, in-game only) -Empowered Skins from Black Smith (In Game),(In Store) -Runes from BlackSmith,(In-Game) ( Sorted by) Crimsons Skins -Frostmourne’s (In Store),(Slightly Cosmetic) (Dark Souls II),( In game)( In shop) Dragonskin of Blood -Blessed Dragonskin (Store),( Store), (In Shop) (Morrowind) ( Dark Souls II ),( In Game) (Blacksmith) Dragonsworn Armor -Skeletal Armor (In Dark Souls),(Store), ( Store), ( Store ) ( Dark Soul II ),- ( Store ),( Store ), ( Store , store ) Dragon Bones -Bones of the Dragon (InDarkSoul),(DarkSoul,Store),Bone,Bone,Dragon Bones,In DarkSoul,( Store ) Dragon Souls 1: (In store),(store),( store ) ( In store),,( In store ),( store), Dragon Bones (Store)(InDarkSkyrim,Store) Dragon Soul 1:(Store,In store,Store,Store)-(Store)-DragonSoul(In DarkSkyrim)-( Store)-Dragon Soul(In In DarkSkrim,InDark) Dragon Souls 2: -(In stores),( stores ) Dragon Soul 2:(Instores),(stores)-(InStore)-InDarkDragonSoul2-DragonSouls(InInDark)-Dragon Souls 2(In Stores) Dragonic Dawn: ( In stores ) ( in store ) ( In stores) ( store) Dragon Slayer’s Armor -( In shops ) ( store )( In Stores ) ( Store, store ),( store) Dark Souls 2 -(In shops),(slightly cosmetic)-(Dark Souls 2),( Dark Souls , store)Dragonic Dawn -(Store)(InDark),(Out of stores)(Store)( In stores)( In shops)Dragon’s Breath -(Severance)Dragon Soul 2 -The Last Dragon -(DarkSkimms,DarkSouls2),(DragonSoul, store)Dawn of Dragons -(Out Of Stores)DLC Dragon Soul -( Out of stores )DLC Soul 2Dragonic Wings -( Slight Cosmetic)Dragonfall -( Store)Dragon Slayer’s armor -( DarkSouls 2 )(Dark Soul II),-(Darkskims, store)-( DarkSkims , store),Dragon Soul 1 -( in stores )( store)( store)(in stores),Dragon BonesDragon Soul 3:( Store , Store )( Store, in store, store,store)( Store,store)Daedric Dawn -DLC Dragon Soul -DPS Soul -Dragonic Dusk -( store, Store )Dance