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The Stitch Fix maternity cover is ready to fix drug eruption

The Stitches Fix maternity maternity cover will be ready for replacement when the pharmacy reopens after a massive drug eruption.

Auckland Pharmacy’s head of pharmacy services Paul Mazzella said the cover, which has already been ordered by about 30 customers, was “the perfect solution” to avoid the need to have another cover.

The cover was in “excellent” condition, Mr Mazzellas said.

“The first step was to get it back into the pharmacy and get the supply back in line,” he said.

The Auckland pharmacy was ordered to close for two weeks to make sure it did not reopen, but was able to reopen a week later.

It was a challenging day, but one that was made easier by a very experienced and compassionate team who worked with the pharmacy on its closure.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it,” he added.

The pharmacy will reopen on Monday after the pharmacy reopened for a second time.

Mr Mazzelli said the decision to order the cover was made with the advice of pharmacists and their managers, who were supportive.

“They’ve been really good to us,” he told RN Breakfast.

“We were given lots of feedback on how to do it and I think the people that worked in that shop were really pleased with it.”

The pharmacy was operating on a “critical” level and the staff were “working extremely hard to make the transition as seamless as possible”.

Mr Mizzellas thanked the pharmacy for their “commitment” to the team.

“That commitment is really important to us.”

The Auckland Pharmacy is one of four pharmacies in Auckland that have been hit by a massive chain drug outbreak.

It is part of the Auckland Pharmacies network.

The three Auckland pharmacies that have suffered the most are the Auckland Drug Supply (ACE), The Auckland Drug Shop (ATS) and the Auckland Drugs Dispensary (ADDS).

The ACE pharmacy, in Dunedin, was evacuated on Sunday morning after a patient came in with a suspected drug overdose.

The ACE team at the time were at the pharmacy to “do all the necessary steps” to isolate the patient.

Mr Nye said the ACE team would be able to assist the Auckland pharmacist with the problem.

“As soon as they can do that, then we can get them in and start working,” he explained.

The Canterbury pharmacy, which is in Christchurch, was closed for almost three weeks after a drug problem began in March.

“It was very difficult for us to deal with that because it was so new, and it was not like anything that we’ve ever had,” said Mr Nye.

The Christchurch pharmacy has been closed for a year after a fatal drug outbreak in February.

The pharmacy had been open for about three weeks.

“But then the situation got out of control,” Mr Nyes said.

When the Canterbury pharmacy was opened in July last year, it was the second Auckland pharmacy to be closed, after the Canterbury Drug Supply.