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When Google will let you use Google Maps without Google search

The UK’s Office of Fair Trading is looking into a proposal to allow users to use Google Street View without searching Google.

The move would be similar to the one that allowed people to take photos on Google Maps and Google Street Views.

Google told the Financial Times that it would not comment on any proposed changes to its Maps and Street View services.

Google has been criticized for its Street View service, which has been criticised for not providing as many useful details about the places people visited and for not allowing users to save places to be saved to the Google Drive app.

In the UK, Google has said it wants to “reduce costs for consumers”.

Google has also said that it plans to launch a new Street View feature called Street View 360, which would allow users with Android devices to view images from Google Maps 360 in the real world.

In an email to the FT, Google said: “We have always believed that mapping should be the best way to get the most out of Google Maps.

We will be launching a new feature, Street View, to enable users to explore and share the amazing world around them.”

Google StreetView 360 will be available in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Cardiff on February 25, 2019.