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Why the AR-15, the AR15 that is not fixed blade

AUSTIN, Texas — In a story about an AR-type rifle and why its not fixed blades, we learned that AR-style rifles have never been fully fixed blades.

That’s because there have never actually been fixed blades in AR-11, M4 or AK-47 rifles.

And while AR-series rifles are fixed blades now, they were never fully fixed.

The only AR-16 that was ever fixed was the M16 rifle from 1999.

Then there was the AR10 that was designed to be a full fixed blade rifle.

“The AR-10, I was really skeptical of it because it was built for a purpose,” David W. Fischler, a retired U.S. Army weapons engineer, told The Huffington Post in an email.

“It was meant for a specific application, but it was never meant to be the whole solution.”

In 2007, AR-Series rifles were designed to work with the M4 carbine and the AR7 rifle.

But AR-9 and AR-5 rifles were not designed to run those carbines.

So, it was decided that the AR rifles would work with M4s and ARs.

It didn’t matter how AR-13 was built, it would work the same way, Fischlers told The Washington Post.

In 2012, AR rifles became the primary assault weapons in America.

Fischlers AR-19 is one of the most popular AR-17 rifles available today.

This is why fixed blades have never existed in AR rifles.

Fichlers AR rifle was made in 2007.

I asked Fischners why the AR rifle has never been fixed.

“Because they are not a real weapon,” Fischner said.

They are not the best.

They are not what we call a ‘real weapon’ in terms of accuracy, lethality or performance.

But that is all part of the AR experience.

“Figs AR-18 rifle.

Figs AR 18 rifle.

Source: YouTube And Fischlars AR-21, AR 22 rifle.

“But they are a rifle, and a real rifle is one that is designed to shoot, shoot, kill and kill a real human being.” “

The AR is a rifle that is a real gun,” Fichler said.

“But they are a rifle, and a real rifle is one that is designed to shoot, shoot, kill and kill a real human being.”

In an email to The Huffington Newser, AR brand director Joe Fochner said AR’s purpose is to be “the perfect gun” and that fixed blades are just a design limitation.

When the first AR rifles were released in 2004, they weren’t the best rifles available.

Their accuracy was poor, they had a limited range of 20 yards and were heavy.

They were the best AR-14 rifle.

And when the AR series went to the .223, its accuracy improved to above .300.

But when it was moved to .308 and finally to .338, its performance plummeted.

According to Fischlings own research, AR was designed for a gun that was meant to hunt and kill.


The AR-12 was the first rifle that had a fixed blade.

It has been used in the AR community for decades.

If fixed blades didn’t exist, what would they do? 

“If fixed blade weapons are not used, the gun is useless,” Fchners AR-20 told me.

“If fixed weapons are used, they become less useful.

There are a lot of people out there who would love a fixed-blade weapon.”

A fixed blade gun is not as accurate as an AR rifle.

In fact, its better than an AR15 because it can be fired at a faster rate.

But Fichners AR rifles are not designed for an AR assault weapon, the .308, which is an AR style weapon that fires a single round, faster than any other weapon.

Fchner said fixed blades were designed for the AR assault weapons.

An AR-6 rifle.

A fixed blade AR-8 rifle.

Source: YouTube The AR rifles that exist today were never designed for AR assault rifles.

They’re designed for other weapons.

Fschler’s AR-22 rifle is a .22 caliber weapon.

That’s what most ARs are made for, but they are designed to do nothing else.

“The purpose of the rifle was to be used by a person who has a gun,” he told The Hill newspaper.

“Not for an assault weapon.”

A fixed-bladed AR-1 rifle was created by the National Rifle Association in 2002.

It’s an AR version of the 1911 military style pistol.

A fixed blades AR-3 rifle.

The AR was meant as a pistol that can be used to kill.

The original AR had fixed blades that could only be used for the purpose of shooting a deer, which was the primary purpose of AR.