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The Fix kicks, fix you, fixed cost examples – MSNBC

A new fix for the country’s most expensive problem has kicked in after a week of controversy over a plan to pay people to fix their blinds and other home repairs.

The FixFix, a nonprofit group that helps people fix the countrys most expensive problems, announced Tuesday that it has raised $2.8 million for an expansion of its Fix it Yourself program to address the cost of blinds.

The group’s CEO, Robert Shilhavy, said the project, which it is calling Fix It Yourself, is the result of more than three months of discussions among community leaders, engineers, technicians, architects, lawyers and others.

“This was a tough conversation,” Shilhaver said.

“It was hard to make sense of the whole process and find a way to accomplish this at this point in time.”

The group began working with the city of Philadelphia in May, and it said it reached out to other cities in order to reach out to residents.

“We wanted to be sure we had a solution that would not be duplicative of what other cities were doing,” said Shilhalvy, who said that there are no limits on the number of fixes that can be done on a home.

“Our goal is to make this program affordable and accessible, and we are working hard to do that,” he said.

The city of Philly said in a statement that the group has received some of the largest donations, and the group plans to use them to pay for more repairs to fix blinds in Philadelphia.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for the City to be able to pay our blinds the best possible rates,” the statement said.

But some blinds experts and homeowners said they believe the FixItFix program is only partially affordable, and some experts have suggested that the city should look at the full cost of the repairs, not just the fix itself.

“What you are getting here is not the fix, but a program that is a way for the city to keep making money while doing some repairs,” said Jim Fisk, director of the National Association of Blind People of Philadelphia.

Fisk said he thinks the Fix ItFix program should not be used as a way of avoiding paying for blinds, but rather as a tool to help homeowners get the repairs they need.

“The goal of this program is to provide a better way for people to get their home fixed, and that means paying a little bit more for the home,” he told ABC News.

“So that means we are going to get our houses fixed.

We’re going to pay a little more money.

We’ll get a better home for our kids, and hopefully our kids can get a decent job.”ABC News’ Elizabeth Kiefer contributed to this report.