Which Google Now feature is right for you?

A new feature that Google announced Wednesday would allow users to use a smartphone to view a live map of their home and a list of nearby restaurants and shops.

This is the first time Google has made a home screen live on a smartphone.

Google’s move follows similar moves from Samsung and Apple to make home screens live on smartphones.

The Home screen can now be used in many situations, such as the home screen of a television, a home desktop computer, a gaming PC, or even in the car.

Google also added a button to make it easy to find and use the Home screen.

However, this feature has not yet been implemented for Android phones.

The new feature will be available in the Google Now app for phones starting in January.

For now, Google is only making it available on Android phones with the Google Cast mobile streaming service.

The Google Cast is a streaming TV service that allows users to watch live TV content on their smartphones using a Google Cast device.

Google has yet to announce when this feature will become available for Android devices.

However Google is working to roll it out to more devices, such at the Google Play store, Google TV, and Google TV streaming services.

The feature was first announced at Google I/O in January, but was not available in Google’s beta program.

Google is still working on making this feature available to users, but is only rolling it out for now.

This article has been updated to include Google’s announcement of Home screen live viewing.